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Why the flyover?



By Alex Augustine Babajimeta

As a Ward delegate and stakeholder of my beloved party the PDP, I prided myself with the fact that I was one of the 1656 men and women (indigenes of Adamawa state) who voted for his excellency Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri aka ATM during the last Governorship primaries held at the Lamido cinema Yola, last year.

The 1,656 delegates out of about 2,200 state wide, shared the same vision that when given the ticket and as a result of his excellent antecedents during his brief stay at Dougirei government house in acting capacity, the then incumbent government of the APC will be pushed out.

That vision came fulfilled in its appointed time. Thanks be to God.

We were so glad to be part of the Governor’s rescue machinery, as we championed a reliable, trustworthy man of capacity and purpose to head the affairs of our derailing state.

Without much ado, the ATM started by doling out his ability to lead, by sharing with the entire people of the state his action plans on how he will go about with his rescue mission from the stranglehold of poverty, insecurity of lives and properties, joblessness and economic woes under an administration that lacked human face or compassion. He called it the 11- point Agenda

A clear and precise plan of action bundled up to resulting better living conditions and good times for the suffering masses and the hardworking populace especially the civil servants.

It is agreeable that the real purpose of governance is to make life better for the populace in terms of all the benefits of being part of the state.

Security, health, good food, housing, rural and urban infrastructure that enable economic and survival developments are all essential parts of bringing happiness and well being to the society.

Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has been working assiduously to ensure same for his people of Adamawa state.

I was excited reading the responses of his hardworking SSG Mallam Bashir Ahmed while speaking with Austin Ajayi of The Authority newspaper a month ago.

He gave an outlook of how the administration is painstakingly leaving no stone unturned and purposely moving from one issue to the other.

The SSG revealed how they came into office at a time when Adamawa state was gasping for breath, the social economy needed attention, security was a big challenge, education and health care systems were at low levels, all these needed to be rejuvenated, most importantly was the social-economic challenge but our number one priority was security.

We have to secure the state so that other developments will follow with the cooperation of the security agencies the SSG had said.

To tackle the security challenges the government had to take drastic measure at a time when the state was taking overdraft of N2.5 billion to pay salaries monthly.

The government had to renegotiate with the banks for a mutually acceptable payment modality that will in turn free the much needed finances.

The measures taken by the Governor to improve security included revamping and enhancing the security architecture of the state with the provision of over 600 vehicles purchased to facilitate their capacity to provide better security and their welfare was improved.

In the same vein, the Fintiri administration appears to move with well orchestrated decisiveness and a road map.

No wonder, it it seems to traducers and opposition as if the government was too slow or not working.

The government during the past one year or so has been able to rehabilitate some roads while completing some others started by out gone administration of Umar Bindow.

But the few critics of the present administration will not let themselves appreciate the immense work the government had to put in the past twelve months just to slow down the level of decadence prevailing before his election, and align our journey to better state hood.

They claim not to see but deep down they know their wailings are so loud only to distract the populace from seeing the kind of mess their masters left behind in the wake of their defeat.

Part of Ahmadu Umar Fintiri rescue is in tandem, with the goals of the Adamawa state PDP under the able leadership of Barr. A.T Shehu.

As a party of the people for the people, the executive and other members have continued to give Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri 100% support over his development strides.

And in agreement, capital projects after due consultations have been earmarked for execution.

That is why i joined thousands of progressive minded and future looking indigenes of our dears state to felicitate with the governor for obtaining the approval of the Adamawa state executive council for funding for the realisation of two flyovers bridges and other statewide road construction projects to further enhance the economy and beautify the region, while facilitating improved movement of goods and commuters.

To my knowledge, the project will span over a year of public spending, that will rejuvenate the state economy in terms commercial activities.

There will be consultation fees for related processes, there will be procurement of construction materials from local suppliers which will in turn boost cash in circulation.

Hundreds of youth will be engaged thereby reducing the pressure of joblessness in the state even the market women and petty traders will not be left out.

There is no doubt that the projects are colossal but a big heart is what each indigene has if not we will not have survived the rough and harsh time of the past administration.

I call all well meaning indigenes to rally support for our indefatigable governor ATM.

Babajimeta sent in the article from Jimeta

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