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SGF revalidates membership, says APC will reclaim Adamawa in 2023



The secretary to the government of the federation, (SGF), Mr. Boss Mustapha has today revalidated his membership of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) with a promise that the party will reclaim the state come 2023.

Mustapha who thanked president Muhammadu Buhari and the national chairman of the party for the renewed direction they are giving the party noted that the revalidation exercise provides a unique opportunity to rebuild the party’s strength ahead of 2023 general polls.

” Adamawa has always been an APC state you know the reasons why we had the unfortunate loss of the state in 2019.

” We have learnt from those mistakes and I can assure you that we will redeem our state back to APC fold in 2023.

” Let me commend the party leadership at the national level, the caretaker committee ably led by the governor of Yobe State who has structured this revalidation and registration exercise.

” This is a very important exercise because what we are basically doing is refreshing the party by bringing in new members and also asking those that are still members to revalidate their membership because in the course of the last six years so many things have happened and we cannot claim that the members that started with us are still part of us .

” So this is to recruit new members and give old members the opportunity to revalidate their membership and any party that does not have strong membership base at the polling station level, ward level, local government level and state level cannot claim to be truly a party that is reflecting the yearnings of the people of the country.

” So I’m commending the leadership of the party for this exercise because it is very important that we know the members we have, who are the new ones that we have received, who will have an opportunity of exercising their franchise of the same level with even the old members. So I want to commend this exercise and urge our people in Adamawa to come out in their great numbers to ensure that they register, because this will determine what will happen in 2023 and into the future we need to build a solid membership,” he said.

When asked to comment on the sentiments by some high ranking officers of the party who are of the opinion that the exercise is an illegality, Mustapha said every party has processes of how to refreshen its membership and its very important even in religious organizations.

” You find out that every year you subscribe afresh by paying some dues in our tribal unions. Every year you subscribe afresh in paying their dues, it is just a process of refreshing the membership and getting the members to be conscious of the fact that they have a responsibility to the party and that responsibility include renewing your membership and making sure that you are a formidable party member.

” Because time will come when the basics will be asked including what is your membership status.

” I came all the way from Abuja today. I didn’t do any work because I needed to come here to revalidate my membership as a bonafide founding member of this party.

” The time the party was formed, I was the deputy national chairman of one of the legacy parties, so I’ m a founding member.

” This exercise is very important. So it is not a useless exercise. It is a credible exercise. We need to refresh our membership we need to add more members to open up the doors for new members to come in so as to build a formidable force that can guarantee us the victory that we desire in 2023,” he added.