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Secure Nigeria or lose the right to lead, Ardo tells Buhari



As indignation trailed the massacre of 110 farmers in Borno State, a chieftain of reformed People’s Democratic Party (r-PDP), Dr. Umar Ardo has reminded president Muhammadu Buhari that any president who failed to secure the people loses the legal and moral rights to continue in office.

In a statement made available to FACT-CHECKNEWS.COM, Ardo said, “the horrific slaughter of 110 people in Borno yesterday is a national tragedy.

” President Mohammadu Buhari should immediately declare 3 days of national mourning, after which he calls for general mobilization for a full scale war against Boko Haram.”

” The Service Chiefs and command structure of our armed forces be invigorated for that purpose.

” This is the only way Nigeria can win this war, defeat terrorism, banditry and insecurity, and reclaim her sovereignty and integrity.

” If President Buhari really would lead this country and this fight from the front as he promised Nigerians, this is the only way to go.

” The president must remember that any leader that fails to ensure the security and wellbeing of the people, loses all legal and moral right to continue in office.

” For President Buhari to justifiably continue in office he must secure the life, property and wellbeing of Nigerians, and there is no compromise on this.”