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Open letter: Kumangar replies Mayas, calls him a political jobber, a coward



Director General, Media and Communications to governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, Mr. Solomon Kumangar has described Mohammed Mayas as a political jobber and coward who lost out in the scheme of things as a result of which he is clutching on straws for survival.

Kumangar described a three page open letter the former aide wrote Fintiri as trash and utter bunkum noting that the letter represents the “last push by desperate politicians” that cannot handle the governor politically and have resorted to subterfuge.

“Our first message to the APC scribe is that he needs a good doctor for good treatment and to say to him, “get well soon,” Kumangar said.

Mr Kumangar said as repeatedly said of him, Mayas never let every succeeding leader of the state function freely and that a former governor of the state, Boni Haruna was serially attacked and blackmailed by same Muhammad Mayas.

“But Muhammad Mayas is jealous because Governor Fintiri has more esteem than him and the sooner he learns to accept this, the better.

“It is a notorious fact that in dealing with any leader that he Muhammad Mayas failed to control or get pocket money from, he resorted to these puerile attacks.

“As a failed politician, the grand patron of lies, more correctly the grandfather of lies as described by some civil society leaders during the Boni administration, Muhammad Mayas released today’s letter purely for the reason of reviving his dead political image in Adamawa,” the statement said.

Kumangar added that what Mr Mayas and his co-travellers in the APC should expect is that Gov. Fintiri has thought them a political lesson that they will never forget 2019. This margin will be much bigger than we had in 2023”.

” Muhammed Mayas claims that In 2014 Fintiri was more of a servant to the people than a leader. In 2014 he talked less and listened more, and considered objective criticism as an integral part of good governance, so hard you disagree with your critics without cogent reasons.” is not only utterly false but a copious note from a politician that has found himself in the political wilderness since they lost election in 2019 in Adamawa to the PDP.

Mr Kumangar said Mr Fintiri, who has taken Adamawa’s reputation to a higher level in terms of practical governance and is working hard to improve on the standard of living of the people would not descend to the level that Mr Mayas has himself sunk.

“As for his attacks of the Fintiri’s administrations for non-commissioning of any projects within 18 months, what the APC scribe, Mayas said is no more than evidence that Governor Fintiri’s determination to continue with abandoned projects he inherited from his predecessor before starting new ones are succeeding. They thought it is all a joke.

“Mayas fails to let go of the pains and animosity he harbours against the governor despite not contesting the same office with the governor in 2019, and so he resulted in hallucination about Fintiri’s administration. He is a coward.

“Mayas, manifesting a confused state of mind blames Governor Fintiri for not holding workers in high esteem like 2014, which he fail to understand the NLC and its affiliates have severally recognised and awarded the governor for standing by it and her members and also paying minimum wage to workers, the first of its kind in entire north-eastern Nigeria which really does not amount to saying anything new,” Mr Kumangar said.

He also said the language of the APC scribe’s 3-page letter, likening Mr Fintiri to failure due to on-going flyover construction is most unfitting from the opposition in Adamawa state as every administration anywhere in Nigeria has manifestos and priority projects not necessarily following the mind-set of failed politicians like Mayas that change politically when the going is not favourable.

He said the claim that Mr Fintiri has abandoned rural roads to urban roads is “outlandish and outrageous.”

“We are unable to get the words to describe a 60-year old liar, except to say that by the publication of this tissue of lies against the governor, he Mayas and his party, not the Governor will fall from everyone’s esteem,” Kumangar said.

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