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Nigerian governors vow to ensure security for all communities



Governor’s of Nigeria’s 36 States have reiterated their commitment to the protection of lives and property of the Citizenry.

Rising from their meeting in the early hours of Thursday 18th February 2021, the Governor’s regretted the unfortunate crisis in Oyo and Ogun and agreed to support victims of the conflicts.

In a communique at the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Governor’s Forum and Governor of Ekiti State, John Fayemi Kayode stressed that crime and criminality should be punished, and was quick to point out that the Governor’s are opposed to ethnic profiling of crime.

The meeting warned Nigerians to learn from the Rwanda example, noting that crimes should not be associated to any group.

The Governor’s are also opposed to proliferation of fake news and social media.

While also declaring support to the Military by dedicating funds from the excess crude account and the need to visit the National Livestock Transformation plan and forestry laws, they pledged to ensure the indivisibilty of the nation.