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Marginalization of Christians caused Bindow’s defeat, APC group says



The Christian Forum of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa state has ascribed the party’s woeful defeat in 2019 and subsequent local government polls to marginalization of Christians by the Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow’s led APC government.

The group noted that the party’s insensitivity towards the numerous cultural and religious diversity within the state was the underlying factor for its dismal outing in 2019 and subsequent elections.

The stakeholders forum said, the party structure under Bindow’s leadership was lacking inclusiveness at all levels of the party and was guilty of discriminating against Christians at various levels of the party structure.

They pointed out that the party’s insensitivity to both cultural and religious diversity in the state was responsible for the internal conflict in the party heading into the 2019 elections and also the cause for the poor performance at the polls in the 2019 general elections and the subsequent local government elections in the state.

The Christian APC stakeholders made this known in press statement signed by the chairman of the forum, Prince Medan Gwa and issued to newsmen, Tuesday in Yola.

The All Progressives Congress stakeholders were concerned that a mischievous and deliberate attempt to silence and relegate key stakeholders from some cultural and religious backgrounds in the party by denying them the opportunity to contest on its platform as candidates was a weakness that cost the party the 2019 elections and an error that the party would have to address moving forward.

The forum arising from its meeting in Yola, said the present structure of the party which was negatively set against Christians and other interest within the party, a situation which begs for the immediate rejigging to reflect an all-inclusive APC structure is the only answer that will restore the party’s lost glory and winning streak.

The group which held its meeting to review the state of affairs in the party in view of the outcome of the 2019 general elections submits that: “The participation of Christians in the affairs of APC was very minimal, which eventually eroded a larger chunk of the party’s support base at grassroot levels and imploded the party’s fortunes especially in communities where religious and cultural diversities are critical.

“The restricted participation of other stakeholders was most evidenced by the outcome of the State House of Assembly elections in 2019.

“While the APC has only one Christian in its eleven honourable Members at the state house of assembly, its rival party fielded about ten Christian candidates in its thirteen members.”

The stakeholders decried an entrenched discrimination against other cultural and religious representation within the party saying, “The present structure and composition of the Executive Committee of the APC in Adamawa State from the Ward to the State level, are skewed against other stakeholders in the Party.

“The above cited gaps, contributed to the lack of penetration, growth and development of the APC.

“Ultimately, the situation led to the rejection of the party in most communities dominated by other ethnic and religious interest in the state.

It added that: “Further evidence of deliberate marginalisation was demonstrated in the composition of the APC Reconciliation Committee where only five Christians were part of the forty stakeholders from the state invited for the emergency meeting of the APC, held in Abuja on 12th September, 2019.

“The subsequent APC reconciliation meeting held at the Lelewal Hotel on 20th September, 2019, followed a similar pattern of the marginalisation of the party’s diversity.”

The Christian stakeholders forum strongly maintained that, “Besides the internal squabbles in the APC, the failure to capture other diversities in the party contributed overwhelmingly to its defeat in both the general elections and the Local Government elections in the state.”

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