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Jarma Jimeta plans to feed, clothe hundreds of orphans @ Ramadan



Hundreds of orphans and other vulnerable persons in Adamawa State will perform this year’s fasting in a convivial atmosphere as renowned philanthropist and business mogul, Alh. Musa Adamu has concluded arrangements to feed and clothe them as the one month annual ritual lasts.

Fasting, is one of the five cardinal pillars of Islam that is compulsory on all adult Muslims throughout the period of Ramadan.

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A fasting Muslim is expected to shun eating, drinking, sexual activity and indulgence in revelries during the day. Allah has also enjoined well to do Muslims to carry the less privileged along as the month lasts.

It is in reverence and dutiful submission to this noble and sacred injunction that Jarma Jimeta, organized the feeding and clothing for the less privileged so as to make them have some sense of belonging during the month.

Accordingly, the renowned philanthropist has through his foundation, Jarma Jimeta foundation, planned to come to the aide of the most vulnerable people in the society.

The philanthropist has already pencilled down Sunday April 11, 2023 for the activity which is billed to take place at WEEIN office, 80 housing units.

In another move aimed at enhancing the spiritual well being during the month, Jarma has also organized Ramadan preaching sessions so as to draw fasting Muslims closer to their creator through divine and didactic lessons and messages of Allah.

While commenting on the rationale behind such intervention, the business man said such act of kindness is in fulfilment of Allah’s call on the well to do to come to the rescue of humanity without recourse to their race, tribe and any other difference.

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