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Insecurity: Buhari doesn’t care about Nigerians – Catholic bishop of Kaduna



Mathew Ndago-Manoso, Catholic archbishop of Kaduna diocese, says with the rising insecurity in the country, it appears President Muhammadu Buhari doesn’t care about citizens.

Speaking during the one-year remembrance service for Mike Nnadi, a seminarian who was murdered by gunmen after spending three weeks in captivity, Ndago-Manso said Nigerians do not know if Buhari is listening to the complaints on insecurity.

In recent weeks, the country has witnessed a rise in banditry, abductions, and killings, with gunmen also targeting schools.

The Catholic bishop noted that the recent happenings in the country are “absolutely incredible”, considering that the president is a retired military officer.

“I think there is no Nigerian who is not at a loss, as we do not know whether our president is listening,” he said.

“It is absolutely incredible that these things happen in our country, and we have a leader and he is a retired military officer and our commander-in-chief.

“I think what leadership is all about is to feel with the people. I think what we’ve seen thus far with our president, with our leaders, the commander-in-chief, [since] he took the oath of office, the way he has behaved thus far shows us that maybe he doesn’t care about us — the people he swore to protect.

“We will continue to say it, because the first thing is for them to be able to protect and secure the citizens.

“When the president came into office in 2015, we all thought he will use his experience to deal with this insecurity. We are in worse of it now. He should have listening ears, but thus far, it seems he has blocked his ears.”