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Infantile rebranding of a toxic product



By Babayola Toungo

Drug lords and barons know the first rule of the trade – be discreet and shadowy; never ever advertise your product. You will either be unwittingly showing your hand to those saddled with the responsibility of making sure the likes of you aren’t allowed to poison the society or at bet be laughed at by the society as being kinky. As for PR practitioners and lobbyists, no level of hunger will make them touch any account coming from such quarters even with a 12 metre pole because the dirt from such accounts may end up sticking to the launderer. Come to think of it, the mere fact that one needs his image to be laundered speaks volumes.

I have had the misfortune of reading two pieces on the “successes” of the defeated APC gubernatorial candidate in Adamawa state in the 2019 elections, Bindowo Jibirilla. Much as I tried, I couldn’t understand whether it is an attempt to deodorize Bindowo or his political graveside oration. His would-be image launderers ended up sounding neither here nor there. My nerves were grating as I read the two pieces because of the insensitivity of both the writers and their subject in these times when the people are faced with an unprecedented viral attack that is making live extremely difficult. While the current government is running from pillar to post trying to contain the Covid 19 pandemic and help cushion the effect of the lockdown for the poverty exposed people of the state, all the writers care about is making Bindowo a subject of discussion. I still don’t know which is worst for me – total lockdown for the past four weeks or reading a clumsy attempt of branding a counterfeit product. Though to be honest, I will rather have a four-month total lockdown than torture my brain with such unadulterated hogwash.

This product that the writers are trying to bring back to the shelf was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters barely a year ago but small minds that have long being atrophied with the opium of living a lie for long have refused to accept this elementary fact. How sad.

While the Adamawa state government is working to contain the pandemic and minimize its effect to the barest minimum and also thinking of how to jump-start the economy of the state in a post pandemic future, some people are only thinking of themselves. Well, it is always like this with those who have skeletons in their cupboards – they see everybody as a potential closet shaker. No one as yet is asking Bindowo to account for his stewardship so there is no necessity for alarm. This may come later.

Selling cocaine or any hard drug is not an easy venture. Let’s keep the trade under wraps for now. Humanity is faced with a deadly foe which is not visible to the eye and wreaking havoc the world over. The pea brained among us should do well by allowing the intellectually endowed do their work.

This is my last word on this unfortunate chapter in our state. At least for now.

Babayola M. Toungo sends in the piece from Kaduna

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