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illegal migration: 290 Nigerians die at Mediterranean sea in four months – UN



Hon. Eddy Duru, Pres­ident/founder, Re-ed­ucating Africans on the Risks and Dangers of Unplanned Jour­neys Abroad, (RARDUJA), has quoted the United Nations (UN) to have declared that over 290 persons have reportedly died while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe between January and April this year.

He disclosed this during a stakeholder’s conference held in Benin City, the Edo State capital on tgh.

“According to the United Nations International Organi­sation Migration (IOM) section, says, we lost over 290 persons this year alone while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

“Less than two weeks now, we lost 41 migrants who were also trying to cross through the desert.

“This is off the Tunisia Coast. They were all making their way to Europe and their boat sank and in the process they were all perished,” he said.

Hon. Duru said despite the unprecedented deaths that have been recorded within the shortest time, not less than 38 persons have also been deport­ed from Europe to Africa.

“Like I did say, in January this year, 38 persons were de­ported from Overseas to Ni­geria and of the 38, 24 of them were from Germany, 13 from Australia and one was from Hungary,” he added.

The founder said he was so surprised when he saw foreigners trooping in droves into Nigeria for businesses, but Nigerians were busy rushing out of it in search of greener pastures abroad.

Duru urged Nigerians to stay put in the country and develop it as there is no place like home.

Duru, who said he was not against anyone traveling abroad noted that such a move should be planned to avoid the unnecessary heartbreaks and hazards associated with un­planned journeys to European countries.

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