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ICT center: Stop being intolerant, hateful, Adamawa Muslim council, counsels CAN



Adamawa State Muslim Council has upbraided the state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) calling its recent statements in respect of an ICT center built by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) at the headquarters of the council in Yola as myopic, hateful, intolerant, vengeful and unnecessarily irritant.

In a letter addressed to NITDA boss and signed by the council’s legal adviser, Barr. Aji Bubakari Kamale, and made available to FACT-CHECKNEWS Monday, Muslim Council said CAN is just trying to create a storm in a tea cup by raising dust over frivolous issues.

CAN has recently decried FG’s building of a Digital Economy Center (DEC) at the headquarters of Muslims Council located in Yola, saying that the action was repugnant and discriminatory.

Reacting to the CAN’s protests, the Muslim Council accuses the organization of trying to whip up unnecessary sentiments to jeopardize the peace and tranquility being enjoyed in the state, saying that the federal government has equally built similar or even larger structures in facilities owned by Christians and in communities dominated by Christians in the state.

The council noted with concern how CAN develops selective amnesia only when a federal government’s project favours the Muslims and looked the other way when these projects are in its favour.

It noted that in Adamawa state alone, FG agencies have cited projects in facilities owned by the Christians or communities dominated by them, yet heavens did not fall.

It said such projects have been located in Bruno Lutheran Seminary Mbamba, Yola South along Fufore road, Villa Nova in Numan, Njoboliyo community in Yola South, Ga’anda in Gombi LGA, Gulak in Madagali LGA and many others across the state.

“NITDA, NCC and other Federal Government Agencies established similar ICT Centres with even more capacity and bigger in size in Christian owned Institutions and in some largely Christian Dominated Communities in Adamawa State, than the one in the Muslim Council Secretariat.

“Some of the objectives of establishing DEC by NITDA is to facilitate the transformation to Digital Business Models and Markets across all sectors and industries, and to provide enabling environment for exchanges of Digital Services and Digital Goods. It is also to enhance the abilities of Communities to access information and disseminate this Information to external communities.

“It is with utter surprise, dismay and indignation that the state woke up one morning and was greeted by a baseless complaint from CAN over the establishment of Digital Economy Centre (DEC) by National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) at the Muslim Council Secretariat Yola. A matter which would have been simple and settled amicably, is let loose because for no reason other than malice.

“It is in this context that the Muslim Council of Adamawa State requested NITDA to establish DEC at its Secretariat for the benefit of the communities in its environment. This has nothing to do with discrimination or marginalization of any religion or group as alleged by CAN. It is purely for improvement of information and commerce.

“If not for the unrepentant hatred of anything Islamic by CAN, what is this noise about citing of DEC at the Muslim Council of Adamawa State Secretariat? No wonder that Adamawa CAN’s unhindered access to Government culminated into abusing such privilege and thus, misleading the Government apparatus in employments and appointments to the detriment of Muslims in the State.

“It should be noted that the Muslim Council over the years have been building and preaching peaceful co-existence in the State and to a large extent, that objective has largely been achieved. We wonder what CAN is now trying to do in destroying that relative peace in the State.

“Adamawa State has been experiencing a period of peace in recent times, thanks be to Allah (SWT). The establishment of peace in Nigeria is one of the cardinal points in establishing the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) and indeed in Adamawa. There is no gainsaying the fact that, if there is no peace in the state there would not be any formidable progress. And Allah (SWT) has even cursed whoever foments trouble or creates chaos in the society.

“To our understanding, religion is not a competition, and certainly not a bigotry contest. It is a way of seeking God, doing justice and endeavouring to help fellow human. Anything other than that is untoward, couched in divine delusion and sectarian absurdity. Therefore, those opposing anything Islamic are advised to have a re-think for peace to reign in the state,” the council added.