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I didn’t support Fintiri due to his N2bn pending case with EFCC, Mayas tells govs aides



In another reply to the surfeit of rejoinders that greeted his open letter to governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri last week, Mohammed Mayas, an APC chieftain said he refused to support Fintiri in 2019 as a result of his (Fintiri’s) pending N2 billion case of alleged theft by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Below is excerpt of the rejoinder.

Accountant General

My open letter to his excellency which attracted a lot of readers and followers was not meant or designed to hurt his excellency or his blind supporters, who are just good at confusing instead of convincing the good people of Adamawa.

I was not surprised with the rejoinders I saw immediately my letter hit the cloud, which deliberately, I choose that day and time to welcome his excellency from his Dubai trip. What surprised me and prompted me to write this reply is the language and baseless facts used in their rejoinders.

Any reasonable person who read their response would agree with me, that there was nothing much in the content to justify the writeup is coming from a qualified journalist, who for decades was in the media industry like Kumangar.

Instead of dwelling on the real issue that would give value to their write-up and launder the image of their principal who is almost in a political coma, they resulted in fabricating lies and attacking my personality. Your reply shows the level of your incapacitation to defend someone whose political crisis is multiplying daily. I can see the reason why his excellency resorted to drafted in Wonosikou and gave him more powers and attention to perform duties that is simply yours.

Next time if you want to reply to letters like this, you need to get formidable facts or you consult a competent hand that may help you to say something reasonable.

As for you, Mohammed Tukur SSA new media you are still young and I wish you to grow peacefully, the first two paragraphs in your reply carried some meaning when you asked me why I didn’t support Fintiri despite the qualities he has, before the 2019 elections as I mentioned in my letter.

I’m prepared to tell you why I didn’t support your principal in his 2019 bid. In all your rubbish write up, you felt to answer a simple question on why your boss decided to abandon the rural communities that gave him more votes and resort to building a glorified bridge that has NO value to the people of Jimeta and the state at large. It’s also not clear to me and many who read your write up on why your boss is not what he used to be in 2014, you said he is more matured now which looks like he is more arrogant than before.

You felt to convince us on how your boss has changed the narrative of the state as you claim in your write up, be it religious or ethnicity because openly he was selective in implementing the visitation panel report which gave a similar recommendation to SPY and ADSU, in terms of disengagement of newly employed workers.

He did the same in 2014 when he impeached governor Nyako, dismissing all batch D employed to teach during Nyakos tenure, and when they went to the court and got a judgment for their reinstatement, he still refused to respect the court order up till today, because he is fighting a past century battle.

On the issue of salary payment which your principal pay on 23rd of every month, I know you will agree with me it’s not an achievement, because it comes to the detriment of the Adamawa people and the civil servant in particular. Its more productive to pay salary after the FAAC and avoid spending 250 million meant for running cost, to finance monthly overdraft.

If you multiply N250 million that you pay to the bank to finance your overdraft by 12 it’s almost N3 bilion that you are wasting every year just for pride, which would have been avoided and add more to the pension funds or restore normalcy in the running cost that you cut by 60%.

You asked me a very important question in your write up, on why I didn’t support your principal in his 2019 bid. I refused to go with him because my conscience would not allow me to do so, when I heard that N2 billion provided by governor Nyako to build faculty of law in ADSU got missing after our short stay in office and your principal is a prime suspect, his pending case in respect of the missing N2 billion is still hanging in Abuja high court till June 2023.

If within 86 days N2 billionn meant for education would disappear, how much do you expect to be looted in 4 years?
And I’m vindicated when your principal decided to hold common palliative that was supplied by the federal govt to cushion the effect of COVID19 in the state.

On my relationship with gov Boni Haruna, I’m surprised when I read Kumangar saying that I fought him. To put my record straight I worked with Boni for 8 good years when Kumangar was a newscaster in ATV, without any problem I remained loyal throughout our stay and up till today I respect him and consider him as the best performing governor since 1999 to date.

He was in his early 40s when he took the oath of office and successfully govern the state without any rancor. His performance in all the sectors in the state is written in black and white and your principal is among the people who benefited from his humbleness.

Singlehandedly, Boni Haruna brought him into the political stream of the state after his people has rejected him in 2007 just like what Nyako did to him in 2011 before he turned and impeach him.

It was your deficiency in public relationship that frustrated your principal to pick his phone and call Gambo Na Kura which you lied to us later that the voice we heard was doctored.

Stop wasting your time and your data no amount of writeup would launder your principal’s image. Adamawa people are fed up with his lies and fake promises as almost 90% of his promises turnout to be audio. He promised to connect Toungo with national grid in his first 6 months, few months to his 2nd anniversary as an elected governor Toungo is still in darkness. He promised free education he ends up subsidizing, you promised free WAEC and NECCO, it took opposition and parents weeks shouting and crying after the release of WAEC result before he paid. For more than 6 months he is busy moving from one angle to another in the name of project flag off with nothing tangible out of it.

Before I rest my case on this chapter, I want you to know, no battery use of power, intimidation, threat or blackmail or use of force would stop us from telling your boss his wrongs. For this topic, it’s over now unless if you are still interested in the matter.

Thank you and God bless the Adamawa people.

Muhammad Mayas is the asst publicity secretary, APC Adamawa state

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