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I accept my dethronement as fulfillment of destiny, ex-Emir of Kano



* Call on people to support new emir

The dethroned emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II has in a video clip which goes viral has accepted his dethronement as a fulfilment of his destiny.

Accountant General

He thanked Allah for sparing his life to this day noting that considering the transient nature of power, he has no I’ll feelings against those who played one role or the other in his predicament.

“Every day of our life, we are engaged in thanking God for his blessings and kindness that are boundless. One of the numerous bounties of God upon me is that He decreed that I am crowned the King of Kano on the 8th of June 2014. He sustained us on this throne in good health for almost six years.

” Today, the Almighty, the one who gives power, has, as he had destined, taken the power He gave us.

“For in every day of our life since we assume this throne, we have said, that Kingship is transient; the days destined for one to be on the throne are numbered. When that time comes, whether we like it or not, one must leave. For that reason, we have accepted all that God has designed to happen.

“We accept it, we are grateful and we are joyous, above all, we know it is best for us.

“We are grateful to the people of Kano, for the love they have shown us in all these years; we thank them for the love, for the loyalty.

“We thank all that assisted us in running this kingdom – the Council members and the district heads that backed our course.

“We are thanking all our relatives of good deeds who stood by us to defend the dignity of our reign and the dignity of this royal household.

“We have enjoined our family, our children and those upon whom we have rights, to accord whomever God gives this throne and whom the generality of people have shown obeisance; they too should go and give their obeisance.

“Let them follow him, let them protect his integrity because his integrity is the core value and virtues of this royal household.
We are grateful to our beloved ones, we beseech them to be patience and we are assuring them that God does not make mistakes. Whatever God decides and does is always the best.

“We thank God for giving us the privilege to all the years we spent on this throne; we thank him for giving us the privilege of rebuilding many aspects of this royal household; for giving us the privilege of restoring the monarchy according to the revered traditions of Sarki (King) Khalifa. It is a thing of pride for us to recall how King Khalifa ruled this kingdom and how he left it. God has also placed us on that path of noble tradition. May God grant us the grace of ending our affairs the same way Sarki Khalifa ended as one who was close to God.

” We are grateful to our fellow Muslims brethrenand those with good intentions for all the prayers offered in all these years. We are begging you all to sustain the prayers.

“May this our land, Kano, have peace and security; may God bless you all, may God sustain you all in good health; may God reatore Kano’s lost glory and development.

” May God grant us good leaders. May God protect the dignity and honor of this our royal household. May God return our land. May God meet our paths with His grace and blessings.

” We are grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We parting with you in absolute happiness; we parting with you in peace of mind; we are parting with a heart filled with gratitude,” he said.

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