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Foremost Kannywood actors condemn release of Maryam Booth’s nude video




As the controversy behind the release of a nude video clip of a budding Kannywood actress, Maryam Booth continues to generate dust, some actors in the industry including Ali Nuhu, Rahama Sadau, Sani Danja have condemned the release of the x-rated video.

Few days ago, a nude video of Maryam Booth has taken the internet by storm culminating into serious rebuke of the actress by the conservative northern establishment.

Shortly after the video went viral, the actress took to her Instagram handle to post a video which contained motivational quotes by an Islamic scholar. This didn’t sit well with some fans as they described her as hypocritical. This was even as others sympathised with her.

A follower, @Itz_minister, wrote, “Always preaching but (behind closed doors), we don’t know what you are doing. It is a very big shame to you and your family, including the people of Niger Republic.”

On her part, @auatmusa, stated, “What happened to Maryam Booth is just another careless phone play that has happened to many of us while undressing. You see all those careless play videos you do with your phones while your lover or best friend is naked needs to be stopped. Stop playing with your nakedness in front of a camera.”

@talbajr had a different opinion and she wrote, “You all with negative comments, how sure are you that what you think is true? Even if it is, you all shouldn’t judge her like that because you can fall victim tomorrow. No one knows tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, popular Kannywood personalities have continued to offer support to Booth. Actor, Ali Nuhu, posted her picture on his Instagram page and added the caption, “Oh Allah, nothing is easy except that which you have made easy. I pray you make it easy for her at this trying period. Stay strong daughter and may Allah protect us from the plot of enemies.”

Actress, Rahma Saudu, also wrote on her Instagram page, “Anyone who humiliates another, God will disgrace him. God is enough for what they did to Maryam Booth.”

Singer and actor, Sani Danja, simply stated, “Stay strong my sister. Only Allah can bring down someone, not a fellow human being.”

Actor, Yakubu Muhammad, also took to his Instagram page to encourage the actress and condemned whoever was behind the leak of the video. He wrote, “Stay strong, Maryam. This is not the end of your life. Do all the crying now but get ready to battle and rise above this. We are solidly behind you. Allah will see you through.”

Explaining her angst against the proclivity of some people to wreak havoc to innocent people, Booth in a release said the incident happened when she was trying to change dress in the presence of a friend in her apartment.

“Immediately I noticed that my friend was trying to take videos of my nude body, I hurriedly grabbed the phone and delete the video.

” But unfortunately, the phone in question was an I phone that can enable deleted pictures to be retrieved,” she said.

The Kannywood industry has in the past witnessed a flurry of scandals with actresses involving in sexual misconduct.

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