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Fintiri running the most friendly, efficient govt in history – Hamza Madagali



A chieftain of the ruling People’s Democratic Party in Adamawa State, Hamza Bello Madagali has described the Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri led state government as the best government in history.

Madagali who is also the organising secretary of the party, made the disclosure during a chat with FACT-CHECK NEWS.COM.

Accountant General

He added that the PDP administration is the most prudent, effective and efficient in history which came to the thrust of leadership at a time of a global health pandemic which shut down nations and economies all over the world, noting that, despite the inhibitions, the government is still recording giant strides and fulfilling all its electoral promises.

” I’m not saying that other governments have not done anything but what I’m saying in effect is that out of the many administrations that superintended the affairs of the state, Fintiri’s government is the best.

” Despite coming at a time of a global health pandemic which ravaged and decimated even world largest economies, frugal and prudent use of the scarce resources at its disposal, has made the government to achieve so much in a short space of time.

” The government is modestly putting up structures and projects never seen before making the state a huge construction site and succeeding in its 11 point agenda in all spheres.

“This is despite having to contend with lean resources as a result of the covid-19 pandemic,” Madagali said.

Commenting about the recent victory of his party in Edo State, the chieftain said, it is a sign that the PDP is going to take over the center come 2023 as a result of the the crass underperformance of the APC.

” The victory of our party in Edo State is a pointer that the party is going to take over the center come 2023.

” This is because, Nigerians have realised that PDP is the only party that has them at heart and capable of bringing programs and policies that will change their sorry narratives,” he said.

But while condemning the immediate past administration, Madagali said it is one administration that will be remembered for bringing more harm than good to the state.

“The last administration has done more harm than good, the administration has killed the economy through huge borrowing that could not be accounted or substantiated.

” It will take Adamawa State 20 years of hard work to disentangle from the crisis which the last administration subjected it to,” Madagali added.

When asked about the new debts the state has secured, Madagali said unlike what obtains in the past, the present administration in Adamawa will not leave a dime as debt to the state.

He said the government has tied every debt to the IGR noting that the IGR will be used in servicing the debts so that at the end of the day, all the debts obtained will be paid before the end of the life of the administration.

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