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Ex-rector of Federal Polytechnic Mubi is stinkingly corrupt, ASUP insists



The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, (ASUP), Federal Polytechnic Mubi chapter, has insisted that the immediate former rector of the institution, Dr. Sadiq A. Yahya was a corrupt and tyrannical administrator.

Comrade Hussaini James, the chairman of the union made the declaration at a session with select journalists on Saturday.

His insistence was sequel to a reaction by the Acting Dean, school of business management technology of the polytechnic, Barr A.M Sulaiman who alleged that the refusal of the former rector to dispense pecuniary favours to the union leaders made them to take up arms against him.

But James noted that he was not surprised by the puerile defence advanced by Sulaiman because he was one of the beneficiaries of the massive corruption and sleaze that became the past time of Dr. Yahya’s tenure.

” It is our right and duty to make sure that the right thing is done. No handover took take place. The former rector has not done well. The man has bastardized every standard and norms of the civil service because he does not believe in them.

“But people who benefitted from his sleaze will now come to say things that are not palatable to the ear.

“Normally, in an institution we have the public relations department or we have the information and protocols, it is their duty to speak for the school. I don’t know in what capacity is Dr. Sulaiman defending the former rector.

” This man claimed to be the acting dean in the school of business and he is an employee of the federal polytechnic Mubi not an employee of Dr. S.A Yahya.

” All his defences are laughable. He said the rector met 4 or 5 PhD holders and now we have 35 PhD holders these are normal things that supposed to happen, they are not achievements. You recall when the governor of Borno state, Zulum said payment of salary is not an achievement and all those things he mentioned as the achievement of the rector are nothing they are routine jobs of a rector.

“Does he expects somebody else to come and make payments? no these are the routine duties of the rector let’s assume that those things he mentioned were true most of them are half truths.

” His story that the handover was done at 4:00pm and the registrar was called and she refused to pick her calls are barefaced lies. Must the rector reach the registrar on the day of the handover. The registrar is the custodian of all documents in the school.

” She supposed to write invitation letters to invite other members of staff for the handover not the rector picking his phone and calling her as if she is a sales girl. We have rules and regulations so the way this man is speaking as a lawyer tells you something is fundamentally wrong. In law you are told to be sincere and follow due process.

” I authoritatively called the current acting rector by 9pm and he told me there is going to be no handing over until the next day by eleven. By 10:30 I also got an information that he asked the school librarian to call the registrar and tell her she should go to Yola the next day for handover. And then he went to invite the bursar to come down to Yola by 11 for handover who is confusing who? who is deceiving who? which handover is he talking about?,” James queried.

James noted that they have documented the humongous corruption perpetrated by the accomplices of the former rector like A. M Sulaiman adding that that they will ensure such people are brought to justice.

James who faulted the submission of Sulaiman on the issue of CONTISS-15 noted that what actually happened was that when the federal government issued the first directive to fund the payment of the salary structure, some polytechnics said they don’t have the resource strength to implement the policy.

He noted that the government then issued another circular telling those that have the financial muscle to go ahead with the implementation but despite the fact that the institution has the financial muscle to effect the salary structure, Yahya vehemently went against the directive.

James added that the same man who refused to implement the circular since 2013 later capitulated and agreed to implement the policy in 2019. He equally accused the former rector of transferring funds meant for the school into personal account noting that unfortunately for the former rector, records from the pension payroll clearly showed that the school is operating CONTIS 15.

He also accused the rector of stopping the salary of 80 staff unilaterally adding that the union will not rest on its oars until all the backlog of unpaid entitlements are settled while ensuring that the former rector will pay dearly for the atrocities he committed against the polytechnic.

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