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COVID-19: Adamawa returnees from Lagos accuse police of extortion



Adamawa State indigenes who are fleeing the lockdown in Lagos and its concomitant job loses are going through double whammy as they accused policemen of allegedly extorting each of them the sum of N1,000 at check points.

In the wake of the incursion of the COVID-19 pandemic into Nigeria, the federal and state governments have lockdown many states in the country with most states shutting their borders and barring people from accessing them.

The lockdown according to the fleeing Adamawa indigenes, provided opportunities for greedy policemen to extort money from travellers to allow them to continue with their journey.

Investigation revealed that no fewer than 5000 Indigenes of Adamawa state, have lost their jobs in Lagos and Ogun states, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Nigeria and have to relocate back to the state.

However, the affected people confessed to bribe security operatives manning state borders in order to continue with their journey.

Narrating their ordeals on Saturday, when the State COVID-19 Containment team, visited several quarantine centers across the state the returnees said the journey has been brutish and traumatic as the security operatives treat them without mercy.

One of them, who pleaded anonymity, at Bali quarantine facility, told newsmen that 5000 Adamawa Indigenes lost their jobs at a Chinese owned ceramics factory in Ogun state.

“I can confirm that about 5000 of us from Adamawa state, are part of a 20,000 staffs of a Chinese ceramics factory, located in Ogun state.

“I can also confirm to you that of our numbers, only a few of us are still on their way back here.

“That is why we want to plead on their behalf, that our government should do something to fast track their arrival because policemen are extorting us on the highways.

“For instance, some of us have not been back home here for the past five years, as such we don’t have a valid national identity card; and because of it, police will force you to part with at least N1000”, said.

Chairman of the state COVID-19 Containment Committee, who is also the Secretary to the State Government, Bashir Ahmad, told the returnees that the state government was mindful of their predicament.

He urged them to endure the 14-day mandatory quarantine, assuring them that they would soon be integrated into normal society.