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Between Fintiri and Dasin



By Leader Leneke

Sadly, today, Hon. Sadiq Ibrahim Dasin failed to the whims of trying to dance to the tune of a section of our polity who are bent on tarnishing the good image of His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, the Governor of the state.

Accountant General

It is no secret that Sadiq covets this honourable office even when he could not handle far smaller offices with merits and distinction.

Naturally, one would have waved Dasin and his problems with the wave of the hand especially considering that the bitter pains of the 2019 defeat from the exalted seat at the Federal House of Representatives still feels fresh and raw for him since he did not envisage the monumental lost he suffered at the polls. But to try to take a Governor to the cleaners over an allegedly reported questionable exchange as he did is not only uncharitable but a clear and deliberate attempt to malign the highly exalted office and person of the Governor.

I read his post on Facebook with wrapped attention and interest but could not hide my utter disappointment at a man who knows the inner workings of government and who should rightly claim a place in the coveted rank of senior state stakeholders. What this means then is that the man enjoys ample proximity and have considerable access to the corridors of governance.

Assuming but not conceding that the Governor had erred in the course of carrying out the sacred mandate entrusted to him by the good people of Adamawa State, the Sadiq that I know could always call or visit the Governor at any time unhindered and have ample chance and opportunity to raise whatever concerns he has directly to the man who should ordinarily be his friend. But did he do that? The answer is NO!

It is not a mistake neither surprising that he chose Social Media, it is an attempt to take his bitterness to public square and change the narrative for political capital. To men like Dasin, everything is politics. How else can you explain this situation where he did not even once in his write up condemn the culture and attitude of name-calling and outright insults on the person and office of a sitting Governor by societal misfits like Husseini Gambo but was quick to jump and condemn what was allegedly reported as the words of the Governor. In fact, Dasin’s defence is that his friend Gambo is a public commentator and had done same thing to previous Governors who didn’t care to reply neither issued threats.

This, in Dasin’s Court is called objectivity. In fact, Dasin who should ordinarily know better went further to give the alleged Hausa words some colourful meanings just to rationalise his vituperations and attempts to vilify and demonize Fintiri. So, I ask Hon. Dasin; where is the Fairness, equity and justice? In his words, he warned that “We must therefore not allow anybody in this 21st century to bring political censorship into Adamawa state politics. Censorship thrives only in dictatorship, an era that is long gone, and hopefully, for ever.” On this, I totally agree with him as I am one of those who will always stand to defend the sanctity of our hard-won democratic freedom of speech as guaranteed by our constitution without fear or favour and not minding whose Ox is gored. However, my friend, the facts speak differently and this attempt to change the narrative to suit your intentions won’t work.

If we truly want to judge, then we should judge this Governor on the merits based on his actions and inactions which has a direct bearing on the good and well being of the state and its citizens. We should judge him based on his campaign promises which is the premise on which he was elected and not otherwise. We must judge him for performance and on deliverables. We must judge him on the question of if or not we are better today than we were when he assumed office. I completely agree that we should demand good governance from him without a doubt and all the things that guarantee good governance but please let’s stop this pettiness, trivialities, small-mindedness and an attempt to deliberately stir up storm in a teacup.

This Governor is committed to upholding the Constitution and the sanctity of our laws as he seeks to unite and bring development to our state and it’s good people across all divides without discrimination, fear or favour and you should know that no amount of blackmail or mudslinging will deter that resolve of bringing Fresh Air to Adamawa State.
There is MASSIVE DEVELOPMENTAL turn-around going on across our state and that should be what is most paramount to us.

While I thank you for your time, I await your Legal sequel as you promised.

Leader is a Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Adamawa State