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Be wary of COVID-19, observe protocols, Pauline Tallen tells Nigerians



Nigerians, especially, women and children have been advised to observe all the Covid-19 guide lines as issued by the Presidential Task Force so as not to be afflicted with the deadly virus.

The advice was given by the minister of women affairs, Dame Pauline Tallen when she resumed official duty after self isolation as a result of her contacting coronavirus.

Accountant General

It would be recalled that towards the tail end of the year 2020 the minister was said to be coronavirus positive.

A statement by Shehu Maikai, Director Press of the ministry said having recovered from the dreaded disease she is in the best position to make the advise.

She thanked her numerous supporters and admirers for their prayers when she was in isolation.

Dame Pauline Tallen said that coronavirus is real and called on all Nigerian to maintain social distancing, ware their facemasks when in public, avoid cover crowding and wash their always.

The minister said that she has now resumed at her duty post to continue with the advocacy for the total liberation of women and children in Nigeria.

Dame Pauline Tallen called for the support of all development partners to enable the ministry of women affiars to achieve it’s mandate as assigned to it by the government.

Dame Pauline Tallen thanked President Muhammad Buhari for his support for the Ministry of women affiars’ activities which are geared towards the inclusion of women in key decision making positions
She said that because of President Muhammadu Buhari’s support for gender equality, Nigerian women have decorated him, Mr President with the He-For-She meddle.

The minister said that the Senate President and some state governors have equally been decorated as He-For-She champions for supporting and enacting laws in favour of women.

‘Now, I have put the Covid-19 challenge behind, and will pursue with vigour, our advocacy for the inclusion of women concerns in national planning’, the minister said.

Dame Pauline Tallen called for continuous prayers so the God will give the President victory over all security challenges afflicting the nation.