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APC to Ardo: Don’t cry over spilt milk, you created room for Sen. Abbo’s defection



Adamawa State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has asked a chieftain of the reformed People’s Democratic Party, (r-PDP) Dr. Umar Ardo, to perish the thought of the possibilities that the senator representing Adamawa north senatorial zone, Elisha Abbo will lose his seat on account of his defection from the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) to the ruling party.

Making the remark via a phone chat with our reporter, the organising secretary of the APC Mr. Ahmed Lawal said such possibilities can only come in the realm of dreams.

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Lawal who expressed derision over Ardo’s call accused him of playing to the gallery adding that Ardo should rather blame himself for creating room for senator Abbo’s defection to the APC.

Senator Abbo recently dumped his party for the the ruling APC via a letter he forwarded to the senate president citing internal crisis which led to the fractionalization of the party.

Shortly after his defection, Dr. Umar Ardo challenged the senate president to in deference to the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria declare the seat of the senator vacant.

Lawal who dismissed Ardo’s demand as puerile, further accused Ardo of trivialising substantive matters to gain political traction.

” Ardo should stop crying over spilt milk and stop this banality henceforth as he is the architect of his party’s misfortune.

” Dr. Ardo should know that by splitting his party along two groups, he gave Abbo the constitutional remit to defect from the PDP to APC.

” We call on the senate president not listen to such idle grandstanding and unconstitutional demands from Ardo,” he said.

To buttress his point, Lawal noted that right now a legal battle has begun between the PDP and r-PDP for the soul of the party.

“With the ongoing legal battle instituted by Dr. Ardo against his party, it is the height of political immorality for him to turn around and ask the senate president to declare the seat of Abbo vacant as such is archetypal to child’s play,” he noted.