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After successful right of passage, new Hama Bachama delivers maiden speech



The Hama Bachama, Homun Dr. Daniel Shaga Ismaila, Kpawo Nomwe, Gillongo Diya this morning addressed his subjects after a successful rites of passage yesterday.

Homun thanked Kabe Bachama, Zeke of Hadiyo (king makers) for their patience and commitment throughout the period leading to his selection and the rites of the forebears.

He also thanked all other Royal clans that were not lucky to have been selected by king makers from amongst them.

Hama Bachama thanked those they vied the position with but lost out. He appreciated all those that vied with him but upon losing congratulated him and joined hands with him in working assiduously to ensure a successful rites of passage.

Homun also called on those who did not join him to come back and join him so that they could work together.

Hama Bachama thanked the youths for their resilience and commitment despite all odds.

He assured peace and prosperity will return to the kingdom and prayed for journey mercies to all that would be going back home.

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