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Adamawa r-PDP chieftain, Ardo picks holes with Namdas’ guber ambition



The leader of the Reformed People’s Democratic Party (r-PDP) in Adamawa State, Dr. Umar Ardo has expressed concerns over the gubernatorial ambition of Hon Abdulrazaq Namdas.

Namdas has publicly announced his ambition to contest the plum office come 2023 at a session with newsmen during his 52nd birthday anniversary.

But reacting to the announcement in a statement he forwarded to FACT-CHECKNEWS.COM, the politician said it was a misnomer for Namdas to seek to govern Adamawa State in view of the general insecurity in the land noting that the insecurity signals Namdas failure as the chairman house of representatives committee on army.

” I just read on the news that Hon. AbdulRazak Namdas claiming to indicate interest to contest for the office of Governor of Adamawa state. While he is constitutionally qualified to do so, it is my contention, with all due respect to his person, that he is morally, and therefore politically, unfit to say so yet.

” As chairman of Army Committee in the House, Hon. AbdulRazak Namdas should first explain to us why the army has failed to contain and subdue BH insurgency and banditry, and what measures his committee took to sanction this failure. Protecting and securing the lives and property of our people by the army and the role of the legislature in this regard are the paramount concern and need of our people presently and not his intention to contest for governor.

” The insurgents are on the prowl killing, maiming and destroying our people and our communities, the army is less than forthcoming and beyond the sparing condemnation and shedding of crocodile tears on such acts, what is the legislature doing? Only this morning I read a news report of the insurgents attacking a community in the state and abducting three girls even while the blood of last week’s attacks and gruesome executions of five Adamawa indigenes of Garkida is yet to dry up.

” With all the humongous amount of money being expended on the army, what we expect to hear the chairman of house committee on army saying is what his committee doing round the clock in finding concrete and lasting solutions to the national insecurity that has turned the lives of Nigerians and Adamawa communities in particular into a living hell as justification for the huge expenditures and of him being there. Instead of results, what we see is glaring incompetence, failure and complete collapse of security in our communities.

” Yet, the Chairman of the House Committee who’s at the centre of this national failure would, instead of apologizing to our people for his committee’s oversight failure and the consequent calamity on our communities, now turned around to request for more public responsibility. To me, this is the height of insensitivity to public plight and typical example of collapse of our socio-political values. To be sure, we ordinarily should have no problem electing Hon. Namdas (or anyone for that matter) as governor, or even president, but he should first give a good account of himself and his stewardship as bases for trust and confidence. So far, on the state of our security and the huge expenditure put into it as appropriated by the Namdas House Committee, the Hon. Member is yet to do that. And until then, he should not be so insensitive as to talk of any further public responsibility,” Ardo said.