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Adamawa Muslim Council decries rising crime, calls for urgent action



Adamawa Muslim Council has decried the rising spate of violent crime in the state calling for urgent action to stem the ugly tide.

A communique issued by the council and signed by the chairman, Malam Gambo Jika in the aftermath of its general assembly meeting and presentation of the 1442 Islamic calendar and prayer times, noted that the rate of kidnapping, activities of a violent group known as Shila boys, thuggery, drug abuse, petty theft and rape was alarming, calling on stakeholders to proffer solutions to the disturbing drift.

The council also decried the level of religious intolerance currently exhibited by Nigerians calling on Muslims and Christians to eschew such bitterness in order to promote unity and peaceful coexistence among the populace.

The council also expressed concern over the rising cost of food items noting that the development has inflicted untold hardship on the masses hence the need for urgent action by the authorities in order to bring succour to the common man.

” The COVID-19 Pandemic is still ravaging communities, there is therefore call for collective action by all concerned to bring the pandemic under control.

” The long break from school activities by students has exposed them to idleness thereby engaging in nonproductive ventures, hence there is need to engage the wards in order to direct their energies towards the positive direction.

” Prayer (salat) is considered as the second most important pillar of Islam but the lack of harmony in adhan (call to prayer) has been a source of concern. Therefore, the need to harmonize prayer timing becomes paramount,” the statement noted.

The council urged all stakeholders to indulge in fervent prayers to stem the ugly tide noting that, “Islam identified salat (prayer) as a means of mitigating fahsha and munkar i.e. unwanted behavior including all sort of crimes.

” There is therefore the need for Muslims to observe regular prayers at the specified times and respect all its rules and regulations being the only way to fight crime and criminality.

” All religious stakeholders must preach peace and encourage all actions that would promote peaceful coexistence of Muslims and other religious adherents in order to promote mutual understanding and peace for sustainable development.

” There is need for urgent action by the government in order to rescue the populace from the current challenge of food price hike in order to alleviate the hardship faced by the masses.

” The Muslim Council of Adamawa State has identified massive enlightenment as a means of containing the spread of COVID -19 based on the premise that in recent times, people have become adamant of the protective measures as advised by health authorities such as wearing of face mask, hand sanitizing, social distancing etc.

” The government is called upon to create activities that would engage our youths positively in order to eliminate idleness since an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

” The presentation of the Annual Hijra Calendar which carries the relevant prayer timing has been considered as a way of Harmonizing prayer times with a view to reducing the observed irregularities.”

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